Merus, LLC is a diversified agribusiness enterprise based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The founding partners of Merus, LLC have over 50 years of experience in the agricultural commodities and logistics business.  We specialize in merchandising physical commodities both domestically and internationally.

Our product mix is extensive and ranges from conventional, organic, and non-GMO whole grain and feed to live cattle and hogs. Please visit our PRODUCTS page to see a comprehensive list of our offerings.

Merus, LLC’s industry knowledge and expertise provides customers, vendors, and collaborators, with accurate, cost-conscious solutions for their diversified and ever-changing needs.  We strive to create a positively memorable experience, before, during, and after each business transaction.

Anastacio Cabral III

Chief Executive Officer

Danielle Storm

VP, Ingredients

Eli Swift

VP, Operations

Jon Dolieslager

VP, Livestock

Chris Lewis

Chief Financial Officer

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